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Inspired visual thinking techniques for STEM leaders and decision makers

Innovate is a workshop designed to facilitate revolutionary imagination and visualisation skills, powered by the Engine of Creativity.

Intuit. Imagine. Invent.

Create the future

Innovation requires insight, ingenuity and imagination to question conventional beliefs around 'what is' and 'what works', in order to provide new solutions for established problems.

Discover new solutions

Imagine the world
as it could be

Throughout history, visual artists have developed unique non-verbal, analogic and intuitive visual thinking processes that have heightened their sense of wonder at what they saw, alongside their ability to record it.

Through curiously exploring and visualising the world as they saw it, they simultaneously enhanced their ability to imagine the world as it could be.

Innovate will teach you to utilise these creative visual thinking processes to ideate, iterate and implement with clarity and purpose.

Learn your way

No two Innovate workshops are the same. Designed from the ground up to address your specific needs, Innovate is based around my proprietary approach to teaching creative visual thinking. Its fluid, modular framework means I can adapt its delivery to efficiently suit your preferred learning style, while contextualising the core principles of each workshop session to most effectively deliver your required outcomes.


Develop a heightened awareness of things, with a minimal connection to words.

Employ this to help you create a clear vision, define the strategy to achieve it and create an action plan to clarify it for your organisation.


Learn to see more complex likenesses between things, to help you develop a more sophisticated understanding of metaphoric relationships.

Make use of this to better visualise your process, in order to improve understanding and execution.


Make broader leaps of insight, often based on incomplete patterns, hunches, feelings and visual images.

Utilise this to more effectively approach your most strategic problems from a different perspective, so that you can accelerate results that stick.

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Facilitate breakthrough innovation

Imagination means learning to better see the impossible, invisible or unreal. Creativity means using your imagination to unleash the potential of existing ideas in order to create new and valuable ones. To innovate, you have to take existing, reliable systems and ideas and improve upon them.

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OutcomesLearn to perceive problems, identify ideas and seek solutions differently

If innovation is all about looking forward and discovering new solutions to familiar problems, STEM leaders can facilitate these breakthroughs by employing the practises and processes visionary visual artists have used throughout history.

Benefits for STEM

These unconventional visual creators devoted their lives to uncovering the laws of their medium, as well as their own growth and vision.

This creative process heightened their ability to relate these two discrete outcomes, enabling them to transcend their craft by creating a timeless object imbued with a life of its own.

Visionary visual artists process in new ways the visual information available to us all.

They instinctively see possibilities for transforming the ordinary sensory data at hand into a new creation, transcendent over the raw materials.

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Learn to see differently

Innovate is designed to help you make the mental shift to this unique mode of seeing. Transforming HOW you see will give you two distinct advantages:

Visual thinking advantages

1) To allow you to open access, by conscious volition, to the divergent artistic mode of visual processing, in order to experience a slightly altered mode of awareness.

2) To perceive things in their totality, in order to see underlying patterns and possibilities for new combinations.

Both of these benefits will enhance your own innate creative imagination and capacity for innovative breakthroughs.

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Foster originative, visionary innovation today

Innovate is a completely custom learning experience. It is designed from the ground up to address your particular needs.

It can be a single two hour workshop style session, or it can take the form of a complex learning program, spanning multiple weeks with regularly scheduled check-ins and assigned non-contact tasks.

To create an Innovate workshop unique to you, I start by carefully listening to what you want to achieve, and then adapting my modular framework to construct your ideal tailored learning program.

If you would like to learn how to utilise creative visual thinking methods, approaches and strategies to cultivate visionary innovation skills, email me today start a conversation that could change your future.

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