M. Seth Jones is a digital and analogue image editing specialist.

With a combined 17 years of professional experience in teaching, digital retouching, print preparation and manipulation, finished art and course development, he provides custom training for organisations across the enterprise and higher education sectors.

“M. Seth Jones’ extensive skill base, ability to communicate complex editing workflows (in an easy-to-follow manner) and his infectious enthusiasm and exuberant passion for the subject made him one of the most popular lecturers we have employed at RMIT University.”

Mark Galer
Senior Lecturer, BA Photography
RMIT University

Across 17 years, M. Seth Jones has created and delivered over 2000 tailored workshop sessions to more than 1000 students from 35 different countries. He has delivered online retouching training for over 10 years, exclusively from msethjones.com since its inception in 2010.

He uses a robust understanding of Adobe Photoshop and Phase One Capture One and digital image-making and photographic post-production, combined with educational principles, to deliver programs and classes from end to end – from developing curriculum, to presenting workshops and lectures, to assessment. He is well-versed in flexible class delivery, from live screen-sharing sessions and streams, to video, to in-person tutorials, workshops and lectures.

He graduated from the South Australian School of Art in 2000 with a degree in photo imaging. Specialising in traditional darkroom principles and alternative processes, he spent three years working as a darkroom printer for fine-art photographers during the closing commercial reign of analogue photography.

By the time he first explored the possibilities Photoshop 5.0 gave him in 1999, he had been developing his understanding and control of traditional darkroom techniques and principles for over three years. Belonging to the final generation of practitioners who transitioned absolutely to digital from film, he has always employed traditional photographic principles to inform his digital practise.